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Pick 3, 4 or 5 numbers between 0 and 9 for a chance to be one of our lucky winners! Pick is a fixed odds numbers game with 3 games available known as Pick3, Pick4 and Pick5.

3 Awesome Games To Play!

Pick 3

1 number between 0 and 9 is drawn 3 times from 3 different boxes with 1,000 combinations between 000-999.

How to Play?

Pick 4

1 number between 0 and 9 is drawn 4 times from 4 different boxes with 10,000 combinations between 0000-9999.

How to Play?

Pick 5

1 number between 0 and 9 is drawn 5 times from 5 different boxes with 100,000 combinations between 00000-99999.

How to Play?


For any queries that are not covered below, please contact our Support Team via Whats App or Phone Support on 0800 75 0032.

Our Support team are available 7 days a week between 10am-8.30pm GMT + 3 (Local time).

To find out more about our games take a look at our Game Rules.

The minimum stake is 500 TSH and the maximum stake is xxx TSH.

Your bet will not be accepted as the minimum stake is 500 TSH.


Dial *149*11# to access the Premierbet Menu Select 5. Bet Lookup Bets can be viewed after submission until approx. 24 hours after settlement

Winning bets will be paid within 24 hours from the final results.

Your bet will be reduced according to the number of matches still playing.

For example: You place a 6 Fold Accumulator and 2 matches are cancelled, your remaining bet will be a 4 Fold Accumulator.

If upon bet placement of a double, 1 of your chosen matches is cancelled your bet will not be accepted and you will receive an invalid bet SMS.

*Invalid Bet SMS details

Any winnings over 2,000,000 TSH need to be verified and collected in one of our shops. Customer Support will contact you upon confirmation of your result and arrange collection.